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Dresses for Every Body Type: Flattering Styles for Every Shape

Fashion is no more a staple just for the women with hourglass figures, but is ultimately for every woman out there. Gone are the days when women had to choose their desirable fashion based on their body type. As of today, clothing brands are aware of the true elegance of women and are trying to bring in glamorous attire options for everyone out there.

You are supposed to wear your own crown of confidence and beauty! And let no one define what fashion would make more sense to you. It is because this article is about to give you some of the most flattering dressing styles for all body types. 

Best Types of Dresses For the Women With Hourglass Figures

 If you are a woman with an hourglass figure, you will probably be describing yourself as curvy and might endlessly boast about your perfectly proportionate waist. You are blessed with fuller thighs, hips and busts. So, you evidently need fashion amendments that would complement your body and give you that charming & head-turner appeal.

Some of the best fashion dress options for you would be:

1. Embrace Your Beauty with the ‘V-Neckline’ Dresses

Dresses with the V-Necklines that are knee-length long would be a great pick to define your curves the best. Find the best midi dress for women with V-Neckline, and gather many compliments for the day.

2. Multiply Your Beauty Quotient with ‘Open Neckline’ Attire

If you can grab some dresses with open necklines, hesitate no more! With an hourglass figure, open-neckline dresses are true head-turners. Check out the floral midi dress collections for the open neckline attires.

3. Walk in Style with the Clenched-In Waistline Dresses

As you have the perfect waist dimensions, let your attire do justice to it! Get a pair of dresses with clenched-in waistlines. Such attire would hug your waist tightly to glam up the look. A short sleeve midi dress with a clenched-in waistline would be a perfect pick!

4. Get Yourself A Dreamy ‘Form-Fitting’ Top

 When you love your body the most, choosing the right attire for your work, event, or celebration becomes very important. Keeping aside your evergreen love for the best designer dress for women, it’s time to get yourself the appealing form-fitting tops, ideal for hourglass figures!

 Alongside these four types of dresses that you should prefer to complement your hourglass figure, there are a few types that you should preferably avoid. You shouldn’t prefer a baby doll, shapeless style, empire waist style or oversized dresses, as they won’t do justice to your look.


Best Types of Dresses For the Women With Pear-Shaped or Triangle Body Type

 You call a woman pear-shaped when they have a waist wider than their bust. Women with such a body type will have fuller hips, narrow shoulders and fuller rear. Such girls also have a thinner upper body! So, if you are pear-shaped, the science is to make the upper half of your body look more fuller. Therefore, the options that are right for you include: 

1. Let Your ‘Strapless Top’ Do the Talking!

 A pear-shaped or triangle body type woman would look astoundingly beautiful in the strapless tops. It is mostly because such dresses drop down from the bust line to the waist without any stitchings for the curves, making you look fuller. It is mostly among the best Western dresses for women!

2. Carry A Simple Yet Sassy Look With the ‘Fitted Open Neck’ Attire

The fitted open-neck online midi dresses grab the shoulder joints with a thick piece of garment, making you look wider from your body’s upper half! As the stitch drops with a diagonal curve, crossing the bust and moving down the waistline, you replicate an appealing shape.

3. Cherish that Indian Vibe With the ‘A-Line or Full-Skirt’ Attire

 The A-Line or Full-Skirt are accountable as party wear long length dresses that don’t tightly clenched onto your body, down from the waistline. Thus, these outfits help hide away your wider hip, making you look utterly pretty and charming.

 The big thing to note, for the pear-shaped ladies out there, is the type of attires you shouldn’t prefer. Don’t go for the shapeless styles, full poofy skirts, curve-hugging clothes and super-short hemline attires.

Best Dresses For Women With Athletic Body Type

 When you have an athletic body type, your structure is more narrow around the hip region than the shoulders. Broader shoulders and undefined waists are some characteristics that are common for this body type. But there’s nothing to worry about! It is because the key to making your look stand out, you just have to balance your narrowed lower body with the upper body. The idea behind doing it is to prefer the latest designer dress for women that can replicate an hourglass appeal. And some of the options are:

1. Raise the Temperature Bars With A Simplistic Yet Magnificent ‘Embellishment Attire’

 If you want to attain that hourglass effect, but don’t want to get into those shapewear or muscle-clenching fashion accessories, then embellishment dresses are great picks for you to count on. Remember to pick the patterns, colours and sparkles that go well with your look.

2. Rock the Party Night With The Eye-Catchy ‘Ruffles’

Ruffles are the best options out there to embellish your narrowed lower body. It often uses a fabric strip that is pleated or gathered to create the frill. Thus, a ruffled line on the lower half of your body blends in well to make you look fuller on that part.

When you have an athletic body type, avoid wearing hemlines, strapless dresses or anything that doesn’t provide enough support. Following that, avoid wearing stretchy fabrics or dresses with ruffles around the bust.


To pick the perfect attire for your best days ahead, all you have to do is understand your body type better. ‘Balance’ is what you must create with your outfit to blend the upper and lower half of the body to create a perfect appeal.

And, if this guide just cleared the cloud on your mind, and you feel ready to pick your perfect attire for a special day, Ranna Gill’s collection has everything you need. Irrespective of your body type, there’s an abundance of designer dresses for women that would awaken you for a moment before you place the orders. Check out the dedicated collections of Ranna Gill today!


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