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10 Reasons to drink Lemon water everyday

You may perhaps want to know why drinking lemon water everyday is recommended by health experts for all ages. Lemon is packed with essential nutrients. It includes fiber, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, as well as Vitamin B complex and C. Lemons are found to contain more potassium when compared to grapes and apples. But, lemon juice can be hard on your teeth enamel. Hence, you need to use water (lukewarm if possible) to dilute it.

Top 10 reasons to drink lemon water daily

Excellent potassium source

Lemons being very high in potassium is considered to be a great nutrient to improve heart health. It also helps with efficient nerve and brain function.

Provide boost to your immune system

Vitamin C is considered to work like jumper cables in our body’s immune system. Lemon juice is just filled with it. Vitamin C levels in the system plummets as you get stressed. It is for this reason, experts suggest taking in Vitamin C whenever you get stressed.

Cleanses your system

Harmful toxins in the body get flushed out as lemon juice enhances enzyme function thereby stimulating the liver.

Helps in digestion

It loosens toxins accumulating in the digestive tract, thus encouraging healthy digestion. At the same time, it also provides relief to several indigestion symptoms like bloating, burping and heartburn.

Ensures blemish-free skin

Lemon juice has antioxidants in it that helps reduce blemishes and wrinkles. You can apply lemon juice on age spots and scars to reduce its appearance. It detoxifies the blood, thereby maintaining skin radiance.

Freshens up your breath

Is it bad to drink lemon water everyday? No! Rather, health experts suggest drinking it daily. It helps provide relief to gingivitis and toothaches. Remember, citric acid present in lemon juice might erode your tooth enamel. Hence, brush before or after drinking.

Reduce Inflammation

Regular drinking will only help reduce unwanted activities taking place in your body. It is here that disease conditions tend to occur. Uric acid accumulating in the joints is considered to be a major cause for inflammation. Lemon juice removes it efficiently.

Helps lose excess body weight

Pectin fiber is present in lemons that helps combat hunger cravings.

Combats viral infections

An effective way to reduce viral infections along with subsequent sore throat is to take warm lemon water. It also boosts the body’s immune system and fight off infections effectively.

Provides energy boost

Your body gets that energy boost as lemon juice enters the digestive tract. It reduces depression and anxiety. The fact is even lemon’s scent is enough to provide that calming effect upon the nervous system.

How should you drink lemon water for deriving maximum health benefits?

What happens if you drink lemon water everyday?

You enjoy good health! But then, you need to know how to gain these benefits. Those weighing over 150 pounds should use entire lemon’s juice. On the other hand, those weighing 150 pounds or less should squeeze half lemon juice into glass filled with water. Drink lukewarm lemon water to gain benefits. Dilute lemon juice more based on personal taste. Consume it early in the morning in empty stomach. Wait for 15-30 minutes and then having breakfast. Introducing this simple change in your diet will allow you to have good health.

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