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10 effective tips to lose weight after C- section Pregnancy

Getting pregnant and delivering a baby is indeed a magical and lovely thing to happen in every woman’s life. But then C-section pregnancy will mean increased weight and tummy size after delivery. This can be a put-off for many health and figure conscious mothers. Hence, most new mothers are eager to know how to regain their pre-pregnancy body. Weight loss after c section is tough, but not impossible! Almost all celebrities can be noticed to have lean, beautiful bodies even after their pregnancy. But how to achieve this magical figure!

Tips to shed those extra kilos after C-Section pregnancy

Breastfeed your baby

Regular breastfeeding the baby helps lose weight after pregnancy. Your body to produce milk during breastfeeding burns approximately 500 extra calories. It also offers your baby with essential proteins, fats and vitamins. It also strengthens the baby’s immune system, while supporting development and growth.

Eat healthy food

Healthy, balanced, wholesome diet should be consumed to fuel your body. Do not restrict calorie intake during this time. Your body desires energy to recover especially from c-section surgery. Good food is also essential to nourish your baby.

Limit unhealthy eating

Have limited amount of delectable desserts. Diet foods, granola, flavored yogurt and fruit juices are promoted as healthy. However, they contain plenty of extra sugar, hidden calories, carbs, but offer minimal nutritional value. Hence, be selective of what you plan to eat especially when deriving calories.


Use supportive post-pregnancy girdle or wear postpartum underwear for your workouts. Quality girdle will squeeze everything around the belly region and tighten it to support back and abdominal muscles during exercise. C-section deliveries do take some time to heal. Hence, discuss with your health expert first.

Avoid skipping meals

Do consume several meals throughout the day. This will keep activated your body metabolism, essential to lose weight after c-section delivery. Skipping meals will only cause health concerns for both mother and breastfeeding baby.

Remain hydrated

Hydration can help lose belly fat. Often dehydration makes you to feel cravings for food. Thirst is often confused for hunger, thus leading to more calorie intake. Hydration is also essential to nourish breastfeeding baby and for c section weight loss.

Reduce processed foods

Such food generally contains substances and chemicals not healthy for body. It also contains fats and extra sugars. While breastfeeding your baby, make sure you provide him/her with superior quality milk.

Perform certain exercises

Perform only low-impact exercises after taking some rest after cesarean section delivery. It helps burn extra calories. You do not have to exert yourself unnecessarily by hitting the gym. Rather, walk and stretch your body to regain muscle strength and elasticity.

Have patience

Results after cesarean section cannot be experienced quickly. Losing weight will take time, perseverance and lots of patience. Go at own pace and do not rush with things. It might only complicate your health as well as that of your baby’s who is dependent upon you.

Stay motivated

It is quite common for many to give up very soon on a few things that they feel tough to pursue. You need to motivate yourself continually be it from refraining from your favorite junk foods or push yourself to do exercises.

Lose weight safely

Weight loss after c section delivery is something that majority women tend to struggle with. C-section delivery will require longer recovery period. Hence, develop healthy habits to sustain set weight goals. Understand your body’s requirements and follow a plan.

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