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5 Exercises that increase your body testosterone levels

The recent pandemic resulted in long lockdowns, thus affecting male reproductive system across the globe. Many men can be found to be complaining of experiencing sex-related issues such as erectile dysfunction especially after recovering. Men these days have shifted their focus on fit, healthy body while improving their immunity level. There are easily available several chemically infused products in the market assuring enhanced health. However, it offers time-bound benefits while risk affecting men’s testosterone levels.

What is testosterone?

It is also referred to as male sex hormone and is responsible to improve male features, muscle mass, body hair and bone density. Every man needs testosterone levels in good amount to enhance their overall health. It also includes the libido. It is possible to naturally boost this level. Fortunately, there are a few testosterone booster exercise that can be performed regularly to improve testosterone levels. There is no need to take in pills.

5 exercises to boost testosterone levels

1. Pull-ups

It is a wonderful exercise to achieve that broader body frame. Although easy and simple, you are sure to sweat very quickly. It is a difficult exercise due to gravitational pressure exerted on your body. But it is quite effective. If done correctly, your upper body and core muscles get strengthened. You should perform this exercise to increase testosterone levels and enjoy good health.

2. Squats

This staple workout helps target your hamstring, quadriceps and glute muscles. It strengthens lower body muscles while improving considerably body mobility and flexibility. Studies revealed that this compound exercise helps increase testosterone levels. Use barbells along with additional weight for experimenting and upgrading with diverse variations. You should also perform various types of leg exercises to boost your testosterone levels.

3. Push-ups

Improving your fitness does not require you to get an expensive gym membership. Indoor no-equipment workouts are being favored these days. They have rather become a hot trend, with push-ups being the hottest trend. It is stated to be an effective and result-oriented compound workout deigned to take your fitness level very high. It also enhances overall functionality of different body organs. It improves core muscles and bone density considerably, thereby increasing indirectly your body’s mobility and flexibility.

4. Overhead Press

This is considered to be a highly intense upper body exercise requiring plenty of strength. It is designed to push your limits as well as develop your lower back, core and shoulder muscles. There are available different variations that you can perform. It is also referred to as ‘Military Press’. Doing it regularly is sure to offer you muscles as well as increase your testosterone considerably.

5. Deadlift

It is stated to be among the safest among all weight training workouts. It boosts testosterone production in men. This classic compound exercise is good enough to target multiple muscles across the body while developing muscle mass. It also enhances body posture. This intense workout does help enhance body metabolism and bone density. It strengthens the body’s core muscles.

Derive good muscles and high testosterone levels

You should include the best exercise to increase testosterone in your regular fitness regimen. This helps you to stay healthy, fit and also enjoy high testosterone levels. But then do discuss with your health or fitness expert before you start any regimen to ensure you do it correctly. This will help you to gain the benefits.

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