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Canada Spouse Visa and Documents Required to Apply

Any person having a family, whether it’s just the spouse or children, aspires to live together, which is a crucial part of any family. However, with a peak rise in globalization, individuals opt to live in foreign countries, which dismantles the idea of a family living together under the same roof. Hence, in order to counter-attack this specific problem, the Canadian Government is offering spouse visas, helping the partners to stay together.

Now, every process regarding visa application or immigration comes with its own set of checklists that might go unseen by the common people. So, to help you with all the documents required for a Canadian Spouse Visa, we have curated this document checklist guide for you, but before we dig any deeper, let’s get an overview of a spouse visa.

What is a Spouse Visa?

A spouse Visa, which is also referred to as a “Family Class” visa, is made for individuals who wish to join their Canadian spouse or partner to reside in Canada. This visa grants permission to an individual to live with their partner in Canada while also permitting them to work in the country. Note that the spouse who is sponsoring the visa should be a Canadian Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen.

Documents Required for Spouse Visa Canada

The document checklist can be divided into two parts:

  1. The Sponsor Checklist: this is particularly for the person already living in Canada and sponsoring their partner.
  2. The Applicant: this checklist is for the person who is applying to live in Canada under the spouse sponsorship program (or spouse visa).

Let’s get started with the documents required by the sponsor:

  • The Sponsor Undertaking Agreement:
    The aim behind filling out the IMM 1344 form is to legally inform the Canadian Government that you are willing to sponsor your spouse/partner to live in Canada with you. This form requires basic information about the sponsor, such as their status in Canada, their earnings, contact details, etc. Additionally, the sponsor has to fill in basic details about their spouse/partner whom they are sponsoring.
  • Application Fee

The amount is to be paid CAD $1080 as the application fee for filling out the spouse sponsorship form.

Now, we move on to the document checklist provided by the applicant:

  • Immigration Application Form:
    This form is an application form from the applicant end stating their interest in moving to Canada under the sponsorship of their spouse/partner.
  • Country Specific Requirements
    IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada) has different conditions/requirements for different countries, which may or may not apply to you depending on your country. Hence, it is advised to go through the official IRCC site or the best visa consultancy, such as Aptech visa and consult with them on your spouse visa Canada application as per your current circumstances.
  • Additional Family Information form:
    This form requires the applicant to inform the immediate family members, including children, siblings, and parents.

Additional documents required for spouse visa Canada
Below is the list of additional documents that are to be submitted along with the application form.

  • Marriage Certificate or Proof of Relationship: A legal document stating your relationship with your spouse/partner.
  • Passport: A valid which serves as an identity proof overseas. Ensure to keep your passport updated.
  • Police Clearance Certificate: An applicant above 18 has to provide a police clearance certificate stating that there is no criminal background to the
  • Financial Support Documents: It is to be provided by the sponsor and serve as proof that they are eligible to support their spouse financially.
  • Passport Photos and application fees.

Acquiring a spouse visa for Canada can be a significant step in one’s relationship. However, it is advised to prepare all the necessary documents required for a spouse visa to Canada beforehand to sail smoothly afterwards. The process can become burdensome to many; in that case, don’t hesitate to take Canada Immigration consultants or Canada Immigration lawyer help, one such expert consultancy is Aptech Visa Consultancy with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Canada Immigration and over 50,000 success stories to relocate in Canada proves their supremacy in Canada immigration process.

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