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The Chicago Style Essay Writing Essentials Every Student Should Know

The Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) is one of the most widely used guiding manuals in the world of academic publishing. Whether you are a student, an aspiring author, or an academic researcher, using Chicago style essay format in your work will enhance the professionalism of your work.

When it comes to academic essays, CMoS uses the Turabian method for formatting. Kate Turabian taught at the University of Chicago and contributed to the making of CMoS. Her book A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, – Chicago Style for Students and Researchers has contributed greatly in guiding students about how to cite their essays in the Chicago style.

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How to Write a Chicago Style Essay – A Detailed Guide

Worried about how to cite an essay in Chicago style? Say goodbye to your worries because we have got you covered. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to create a Chicago style essay per the demands of your department.

1. Title Page

In the essay having a Chicago style title page, the main title of the essay will be centred at one-third on the downside of the page. It will be in the same font as the main essay (e.g. Times New Roman, 12 pt), but it will be bold and a few points larger in font size.

2. Pagination

Although you won’t mention the page number on the title page, it will count in the page count. The main body shall begin on page 2, excluding the Chicago style essay cover page. There must be consistency in the format where you display your page numbers.

3. Main Text

You follow the font size and type as recommended by your professor. The margins are always kept one inch away from the page edges (except where page numbers are displayed). Each new paragraph must be indented for half an inch, including the first one.

4. Block Quotes

If the length of a quotation is five or more lines, it will be separated from the main text in the form of a block quote. You should note that all such quotes start on a new line and follow the indenting style of paragraphs. It is always single-spaced and is followed by in-text citations.

5. Figures

For all types of visual media included in your essay, you should always insert a single-spaced caption under the figures and tables. The full information of such figures should be included in the bibliography of your essay. If you have been assigned a word count by your instructor, the visual media will not count towards that.

6. Endnotes

When using the notes and bibliography format, it is important to insert a page of endnotes in your essay. It is usually placed at the end of your essay. Start it with the title of ‘Notes’, then add two blank lines after the title and then start writing the endnotes. Each endnote will be single-spaced.

7. Footnotes

If you are using footnotes, ensure that they appear at the bottom of the page where the source of information is initially referenced. They will be separated from the main body of the essay with a short horizontal line. Like endnotes, they are always single-spaced, and the first line is to be indented half an inch.

8. Bibliography

When asked to make a bibliography at the end of your essay, add the reference of every source you cite in your work. The entries on this page should be organised alphabetically, and make sure not to miss the name of any author that you included in the body of your original essay.


For a Chicago style essay, you need to take care of all these requirements while crafting your papers. Maintaining consistency in the formatting and style of your essay will help you correctly apply the Chicago style in your papers.

It is important to understand the basics, select the right documentation style, insert correct footnotes or endnotes, make a comprehensive bibliography and pay attention to the levels of headings in your work.

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