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How to stay away Burglars from your home

Let’s start this article by introducing the name, Burglar is a character who enters the home in the absence of the owner for stealing items by breaking windows glass, doors, etc.  There are many ways you can follow to keep your home away and protected from Burglars, we are discussing a few of them –

  1. Secure windows with locks and reinforced glass – Generally most of the focus is on the door’s security and we do not think about the window’s looks and sturdiness. While burglars already know the loopholes, they try on windows’ glass side biddings or break glass. Even some time we leave home without locking the windows. So here we need to make sure that we implement a secure window lock and reinforce glass so burglars cannot break it.

  2. Trim bushes and trees – Burglars love hideouts, in our daily busy routine we usually forget to trim the trees and bushes in front of our home, these could be the best places to ambush the burglars. These persons can use these hideouts to enter your home. so make sure you cut/trim down.

  3. Hold mail and deliveries when away – Any person passing by your home could be a burglar who might notice that your mailbox is full, this gives an idea to a burglar that you are not at home, so better you hold your mail deliveries when you are away from the home.

  4. Use a safe for valuables and important documents – Some documents and valuables are so important to us that if we lose them no insurance company can restore the loss that. Even you cannot get these back from the insurance money. so make sure that you keep all your valuables in a high-security safe inside your home.

  5. Hire a house-sitter during prolonged absences – A House-sitter is a good option during your prolonged absences because not only do they guard your home but can also assist in a variety of jobs ex- Feeding your pets, and watering your plants. Hiring a professional house sitter can provide you peace of mind while you are on Holiday & away from your home.

  6. Burglar Alarms System – Technology is much more advanced now & we have advanced burglar alarm systems that can be installed in our homes. These alarm systems sense suspicious activity & inform you as well as nearby police.  Install these alarms from a reputed Burglar Alarm Installation company.

Final Thoughts – I am sure there are many other ways you can follow, please comment and share if you know any other creative way.

Shobhit kumar
Shobhit kumar
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