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Green Onyx vs Emerald – Know the Differences

The Green Onyx and Emerald are two totally different gemstones. Only because they both are found in the color green, sometimes there is confusion between them. Although, the shade of green of these stones is totally different as well. 

Both of these stones are highly popular for their beautiful and mystical appearance.  Both green onyx and emerald are widely used for jewelry making and decorative items. But there are many differences in their origin, astrological significance, price, and much more. 

In this article, we will discuss how these two stones are entirely different from each other and which stone must you buy out of these two.

Difference Between Emerald and Green Onyx 

The green onyx and emerald both are ruled by the planet Mercury as per their astrological significance. Mercury is the first planet in the solar system which symbolizes intellectual, communication, and memory. 

Indeed, the green onyx and emerald both are the birthstones for the month of May. But emerald is more recommended and used. Astrologers believe an emerald is more powerful and so if you want to gain maximum benefits from a stone, you should wear an emerald. Mostly green onyx is used as a substitute for emerald. 

Other than these similarities, there are only differences between these two stones. We will dis-separate these two stones by discussing their difference through various aspects like origin, zodiac sign, price, formation, properties, and astrological significance. Read the complete article carefully to know the distinction between the green onyx ad emerald. 


The Green Onyx stones are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru, USA, and India as well. The best quality green onyx gemstones are found in USA and India. 

On the other hand, the emerald stone is mostly found in Columbia, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Australia, the United States, and Zambia. The best-quality of emerald stones are the ones found in Columbia, Zambia, and Brazil. 


The green onyx is formed from a mineral called chalcedony. The emerald on the other hand is formed by the mineral known as beryl. 

The properties, the very core of these two stones are entirely apart. The chemical structure and composition are highly dissimilar. 


The hardness of a gemstone is its ability to resist cracks and indentations, which is measured in Moh’s scale. The emerald stone is harder than most of the stones found in the world. On the Mohs scale, the hardness of the emerald is between 7.5 to 8. 

On the other hand, the green onyx hardness is around 6.5 to 7, which means as compared to the emerald the green onyx is more prone to damage. 

Astrological Significance 

The astrological significance of the green onyx and emerald are much unalike. The green onyx is the one which will increase creativity, imagination, and emotional stability.  It gives comfort and decreases fear. Like its light green shade, it provides the calmness of green leaves. 

The emerald is said to be one of the most influential stones in the world and much more powerful than green onyx. It acts as a protection charm and saves the person from evil spirits and negative influences. It also increases intellectual and reasoning abilities. Also, it has the power to physically heal a person. 

Astrologers believe that there are 9 gemstones in the world that are the most powerful and emerald is one of them. It is said to bring royalty and luxury to its wearer. 

Zodiac Sign  – Who Should Wear?

Mostly Geminis are recommended to wear the emerald stone. 

The Green onyx is the birthstone for the May-born people, so people born under the signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn can wear this gemstone. 

But before wearing any of these two stones, consult an astrologer and complete the vedic pooja. Also, follow the ritual properly to activate the powers of the stone. 


The emerald stone is much more rare and more expensive than the green onyx. Emeralds have been the symbol of luxury and royalty for ages. The price of emerald stone in India starts from 800 Per Carat To 50000 Per Carat & Above. 

While the price of green onyx in India starts from INR 300 to 800 per carat. 

The cost of these gemstones varies highly on the factors like cut, clarity, origin, and quality of the stones so, the price can be high from the mentioned values as well. 

Summing Up 

Having unique properties, formations, and uses the green onyx is much different from the emerald. While the emerald is much more popular for making jewelry items, green onyx is used widely for decorative items as well as jewelry. 

Both of these stones are green but their shade is much unalike. The emerald appears more like a crystal with clear transparency and dark green color while the green onyx is lighter in color looking like a drop of water. 

After knowing the dissimilarities and properties of the stones, choose the right fit for you according to your desire and preference. Although, you should ask your astrologer before wearing a gemstone if the stone is suitable for your birth chart.

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